Tour Of Florida
By Morris Seecharan
Keeping up to a commitment which started in 1998 as the former president Mr. Bharrat Jagdeo bowled the first ball, Mr. Ramjit Singh and his Stallions set to tour Florida the weekend of October 25, 2013. This annual tour of the Stallion cricket team is aimed to promote cricket, meet people, making friends, renewing old friend ship and most significantly celebrate the heroes of the game.

Stallions team.

Over the years the Stallions traveled to Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, Orlando, Ocala, Sarasota, Atlanta, Upstate New York, Philadelphia and New Jersey  living up to the importance of the game of cricket and what happens on the field.   Most notably the Stallions played at famous venues like The Philadelphia Cricket Club, founded in 1854, and the oldest cricket club in the United States. In addition they played at the Sarasota International Cricket Club established since 1982 which is an exemplary place to play cricket where the likes of West Indies test player Shivnarine Chandrapual played. Traveling take lots of scarifies and dedications and the Stallions soldiers year after year are ready to sprint as ambassadors for the lovely game of cricket.

The first game for the Stallions will be the Annual Bobby Rupee Memorial cup as they face Orlando Selected Eleven in a softball match on Saturday October 26, 2013.  It is fitting for the Stallions and Orland Eleven members to celebrate the life of late Mr. Bobby Rupee a former West Demerara fast bowler. Mr. Rupee is considered one of the pioneers for cricket in New York area. As a player he played for Royals and President Eleven hardball teams in New York for several years.  He was the founder of the West Dem CC softball team in 1988, which made its debut in Brooklyn Softball Cricket League.  Mr. Rupee also served as an organizer of cricket in the capacity as former WISA League secretary for over 10 years under President Mr. Sharma.

To keep up with the enthusiasm of the players the second game is most fittingly the annual hard ball match which will be on Sunday October 27, 2013. This format of the game creates renewed experiences for players who don’t have the opportunity to play the hard ball version of cricket routinely. The Stallions will be playing against the Ocala Cricket Club in Ocala. This venue allows the Stallion members to travel out of Orlando giving them the opportunity to meet old friend, making new ones and experiences other cricketing communities.

The 2013 Stallion team squad are made up of Ramjit Singh, Mike Dholichand, Ramchard Singh, Anil Sitaram, Andy Persaud, Raj Doobay, Patrick Jaisingh, Refeek (Kevin) Nazeer, Jason Thomas, Selwyn Cheong, Antonio Dallai, Vicky Singh, Morris Seecharan and Roy Ramnarine. This Stallions squad showed character as they make the time and efforts to travel to Florida to compete in the game of cricket. They are eagerly looking forward to represent their team as exemplified sportsmen and having fun while playing on and off the field.

The success of the Stallion travel team relies not only on their members who are the pillars, but most poignantly support from their families and friends. One key person who is instrumental in making sure the Stallion team has uniforms yearly is Mr.  Mike Dholichand. The Stallions members are grateful for his yearly support and sincerely thank Mr. Dholichand for his important contributions. In addition, teams take great pride in winning and the pride get even bigger when the winning team holds the victory Trophy. For the 2013 tour to Florida the two match’s trophies are sponsored by Mr. Anil Sitaram. Anil foresight to make a difference in cricket is commended and highly appreciated by all.

Leaving their homes in New York and traveling to Florida annually the Stallions members always feels right at home. This great feeling is cherished by the Stallion member and they are very thankful to Mr. Chris Persaud, Mr. Tom Bacchus Mr. Navin Sookram, and Uncle Rex from Orlando for hosting them over the years.  In addition, the Stallions are grateful to Mr. George Mohamed, captain and all members of the Ocala Cricket Club for their courtesy in hosting the Stallions. At large Mr. Ramjit Singh and his Stallions are obliged and thank all their friends and families not only in Florida but also the many other teams and cricket communities they have traveled and played with over the years. The good comeradry and friendship is cherished by the Stallions and they look forward to continue with this commitment.


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