Name: Azrab Cheema

Azrab Cheema

Occupation: Student at NYU-Poly

Marital Status: Single

Clubs/Teams Represented: Pak Stallions CC, NYPD Daredevils, NYPD Tigers, Grady H.S, NYU-Poly CC

Current Club: NYU-Poly CC, NYPD Daredevils, Pak Stallions CC

Batting and Bowling Style: Right Handed Batsman, Right Arm Off Spinner

Best Bowling Performance in a Single Match: 4-24

Highest Individual Inning Score: 59*

Favorite Team(s): Pakistan

Most Admired Cricketer:
Shahid Afridi

Best Cricketing Moment: Captaining Daredevils in NYPD U-19 tournament at 16

Worst Cricketing Moment: Losing a semi-final game against SUPERSTARS.

What do you aspire to achieve in cricket: Representing New York and playing for USA.

Favorite All-time Movie:

Favorite Food: Pakistani Food especially Chicken Biryani and Chicken Gyro

Favorite Drink: Pepsi

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  1. Sami says:

    Cheema Saahib! A great personality and a good player

  2. ASIM says:


  3. sabir says:

    good cricketer brother