USACA announces a unique multi-year exclusive sponsorship partnership with Overseas League Club Limited and the OL Foundation (OLC) to promote and develop cricket in the United States of America.  OLC becomes the national sponsor for all men’s and women’s, under 19’s, under 15’s as well as core tournaments USACA manages and coordinates. The OL foundation also becomes a key underwriter for youth cricket development programs over the next four years.

The four-year partnership goes a significant way to deploy large capital sums for the ongoing running of the competitive teams as well as supporting nationally recognized youth development programs through 2019. Gladstone Dainty, USACA President sees this as a, “vital way to stabilize funding issues that leagues and organizations in the US have to deal with on a day to day basis as mostly volunteer groups give up large amounts of personal time to play and develop the sport.”

The Overseas League Club Limited and the OL Foundation are looking to build a bridge between the cricket playing market in the US and their new sports based leisure complexes in India. This is a unique vision designed to capture the interest of the cricket playing markets in the US and offer them potential access to world-class facilities and family based experiences in the largest cricket playing and watching market in the world.

As per Nitin Mittal, MD of OLC, with US$400 million in investments in a state of the art sports and recreation facility at Bangalore, India, “OLC would provide a world class platform to youngsters, both from India and abroad, to develop them as world class sport persons as well as great statesmen in their respective fields. Overseas League Club is committed towards nurturing sports, especially cricket globally, by attracting and supporting upcoming talent by providing them with the right platform and opportunity in terms of grounds and financial support. OLC’s partnership with USACA as long term sponsors would expose them towards the global cricket environment and supporting USACA’s bid for qualifying for ICC 2019 world cup in England.”

A set of partnership plans and more importantly a role out process for how the sponsorships will come alive in the US market will be jointly released by the partnership in the next sixty days.  Gladstone Dainty noted that, “we have a partner here that isn’t just committing to a multi-year partnership with USACA but has a really interesting offering to the cricket playing communities in the US.” More information on the future plans for the partnership will be announced after April 2nd when the first parts of the partnership and joint promotions will be launched.