American Cricket Federation
The American Cricket Federation is pleased to welcome the New York Bangladesh Cricket League as its newest member. The NYBCL, boasting over 30 teams, is based in Queens and has been in operation for 20 years. This addition is ACF’s second large New York league, joining America’s largest league, Commonwealth, in the Newbery ACCL’s New England Division, along with the Southern Connecticut Cricket Association and the Massachusetts Cricket League.

Ramesh Arunasalam, President of the NYBCL, said, “By joining the ACF, we have great hopes of our youngsters being recognized in the cricket world. I have a tremendous passion for cricket, which I have played in the Commonwealth Cricket League of New York for over 25 years. Now, my elder son who is only 15 years is  involved in youth cricket and he loves it. This is what inspired me even more, to get the youths involved in the sport we love.”

“ACF is very grateful to enjoy the membership and confidence of the New York Bangladesh Cricket League,” said CEO Jamie Harrison. “The New York region is an important locus of American cricket, and ACF is delighted to welcome its players to our team. The NYBCL will be another strong ACF representative of New York cricket.”