USACA National Election Results
Following the United States of America Cricket Association’s (USACA) national elections held on Saturday, March 21 in Dallas, TX, USACA today published the results of the much anticipated election, primarily between the incumbent president Gladstone Dainty, and a slate led by national newcomer Surendranath Gandavaram.

Antoni Owen Gray was elected First Vice President. Photo by Shiek Mohamed

With a list of 39 leagues published as eligible to vote for the Executive Board of USACA, the beleaguered Gladstone Dainty once again emerged as the organization’s leader. From the results, it appears as though ballots were cast by 38 of the 39 listed leagues.

The election was not without its usual controversy as many openly questioned the eligibility of some of the leagues listed as eligible to vote. The list of leagues was published by USACA prior to the elections, and following a failed bid to adopt several recommendations of amendments to the USACA Constitution made by a USACA appointed review committee comprising several league presidents, and including earlier recommendations from a professional entity to which USACA allegedly paid some USD$63,000 to conduct a governance review.

On the eve of the elections the ICC reportedly sought a response from USACA on several issues including financial statements, and an account of how a USD$200,000 loan from the ICC to USACA, was disbursed. It is not yet known if USACA complied with the request from the world governing body for the sport.

Election Results
Gladstone Dainty won by 6 votes, defeating Surendranath Gandavaram 22 to 16.

Antoni Owen Gray was elected First Vice President with 23 votes, while Kuldeep Krish Prasad, a former Regional Representative to the USACA board from the New York region received 14 votes, with Ahmed Jeddy, another former Regional Representative from the Central West region a distant third with only one vote.

Former 1st Vice President Michael Gale did not seek re-election to the position.

Shakeel Yusuf won the Treasurer position.

For the position of Second Vice President, Faizan Janjua who ran on the slate with presidential candidate Surendranath Gandavaram came out on top with 16 votes. Ahmed Jeddy received 11 votes, with Vincent Adams, Mahammad A. Qureshi, and former USACA 2nd Vice President Rafey Syed, with 3, 1 and 7 votes respectively.

Sankar Renganathan came out on top as Executive Secretary with 21 votes, while the former Atlantic Region’s Representative to the USACA board Shelton Glasgow emerged with 15 votes and Philadelphia Cricket League president Shuja Khan capturing only two votes.

Mascelles Bailey, an interim USACA appointee as Executive Secretary, following the ouster of Kenwyn Williams, did not seek election to the position.

Shakeel Yusuf won the Treasurer’s slot, eclipsing Atul Deshmukh by two votes 19-17, with Khurram Syed and former USACA Executive Secretary Kenwyn Williams each receiving one vote.

Former USACA Treasurer John Thickett, one of the authors of the failed CHA, LLC initiative did not seek re-election to the board.