American Cricket Federation
February 4, 2015 – Please be advised that the American Cricket Federation will select all Its US national team players from the ranks of the national domestic league, the Newbery American Cricket Champions League. No player outside of the national domestic system will be considered for selection under any circumstance.

This policy provides a level playing field for all those who seek selection to official ACF sides, and seek to represent the United States in the future. It is not possible to measure player performances against each other when they occur in unrelated competitions, often of varying skill level. By channeling all prospective national players into one national domestic structure, we create a system where the best will always compete against the best, and results have immediate context and meaning.

Therefore, no player, regardless of past performance or selection history, will be considered for selection if that player chooses to remain outside this established selection pathway.

Be aware that later this year twenty players will be selected by ACF to represent the United States. This initial draft of twenty players will only occur ONCE. These twenty players will train and compete together, as one team, regularly working with the national team coaching staff to improve skills, fitness and ultimately, performance. Changes to the twenty-man roster will then be made only due to fitness, availability and performance as a member of Team USA; if a player is dropped, the replacement will again come from the ranks of the national domestic league. It is anticipated that roster changes will be infrequent.

As of this date, these leagues will field teams in the 2015 national domestic league season:
Arizona Cricket Association
Commonwealth Cricket League
Cricket League of New Jersey
Dallas Cricket League
Greater Philadelphia Cricket League
Florida Cricket Conference
Florida Southeast Cricket League
Massachusetts State Cricket League
Michigan Cricket Association
Mid-Atlantic Cricket Conference
Midwest Cricket Conference
Midwest Cricket Tournament
North Florida Cricket League
North Texas Cricket Association
Orange County Cricket Association
Pittsburgh Cricket Association
Southern California Cricket Association
Southern Connecticut Cricket Association
Washington Metropolitan Cricket Board

Should any USA player wish to be considered for selection, he should contact the leagues above for information on participation in their Newbery ACCL side as soon as possible.