Global T20 Cricket Festival
The New York Cricket Academy and Upscale Construction presents the New York Global T20 Cricket Festival scheduled for Saturday Oct. 11th. to be held in Queens, NY. Enthusiastic cricket fans and players will get the opportunity to witness top quality cricket in Fall after the completion of a successful PAK T20 competition.

The PAK T20 Tournament attracted former Test International players, and former First Class players from places such as Bangladesh, West Indies, and Pakistan. A number of talented young US players had the opportunity to play alongside and against these former superstars. Many youngsters shared the same sentiment, in which they concluded that former International and First Class cricketers only motivate them to compete at the utmost level.


The Global T20 Festival will only continue to improve the standard of the cricket played in NY, and we at the NY Cricket Academy are very optimistic in attracting teams from elsewhere.  We have decided to invite four teams to participate in this one-day event, and are looking forward for support from various leagues and cricket administrators in promoting this event.

The four teams that have shown interest in participating are Guyana, Pakistan, Combined Islands, and the Rest of the World.  We are hoping that Jamaica, and Bangladesh will show interest in the next Global T20 Festival.  It’s no doubt that we have an abundant of talent right here in the Big Apple, but we have to work cohesively in bringing out the best in our talented players.  It’s the only pathway to improve the cricket at the highest level, and let’s focus on NY, instead of pointing fingers at other Organizations.

ICC Standard T20 Rules
Four Team Knockout Format based on blind draw

Match 1: 10:00 am.
Team 1 vs. Team 2 @ Idlewild Park (223rd. St.)

Match 2: 10:00 am.
Team 3 vs. Team 4 @ Baisley Pond Park (150th. St. and Baisley Blvd.)

Global T20 Final @ 2:00 pm.
Winner of Match 1 vs. Winner of Match 2 @ Baisley Pond Park

*Special Clause:  Each team is allowed ONLY ONE “Wildcard” Player
“Wildcard” Player:  A player that was born in a different Country (For example, Guyana can have someone from USA, India, Bangladesh, etc..)