The victorious Bronx Raiders Cricket Club.

Commonwealth Cricket League
Last Sunday was a day to remember by Bronx Raiders Cricket Club and Bronx All Stars Cricket Club. The two teams which were originally one in the past, was all set to play the grand final for the championship in the Commonwealth Cricket League.  It was a day where nothing could have gone wrong with the wicket, with the bright sunshine, the wicket was solid rock hard. It was both a batting and bowling track. The Bronx Raiders captain, Shameer Ameerullah won the toss and elected to field. This was a very brave decision but his experience proved that his decision was geared towards the result of the match.
Bronx All Stars opening batsman Fizal and Tony came to the crease and remained calm by the Raiders opening bowlers.

Navin Vincent struck an unbeaten 55.

In the 6th overs Manches bowled Fizal for 8 and soon after, Tony was brilliantly run out with a direct hit by Navin with the score at 39 for 2. Wayne and informed batsman Andy then tried to patch things up. Wayne was threatening pulling across the line with 2 fours in a row at backward of square. His promising shot was cut short when he pulled a good line ball again to backward of square region.  This time it was fatal. Shameer deliberately placed himself in that area was just waiting for the ball, but it was not that easy, the ball kept drifting away.  He had to run all the way to deep fine leg and took a spectacular catch. Wayne was back in the pavilion for a well-played 19 which included 4×4.  At 15 overs BAS had 67 for 3. Andy (16) was trying to push things along but his off stump was rocked back by an excellent delivery from Shameer with the score 89 for 5. This was the major turning point of the match.  Navin 2 for 20, Tulsiram 2 for 18, and Shameer 2 for 18 ripped through the BAS batting line up and restricted them to 134 for 9 in 30 overs.

With a required run rate of  4.4 per over,  Bronx Raiders thought this would soon become an easy victory for them, but easily said than done, little did they know the match would be heading for a nail biting finish. Opener Chris and Khurram confidently walked to the crease, no sooner than in the 2nd overs, Chris was walking back to the side line after being stumped for 4. Shameer who was in great form was quickly dismissed after following a wide ball and edge one to the keeper for 2. With score at 15 for 2, the hard hitting Tuesday joined in. He soon portrayed his talent, hitting spinner Khan for 3 huge sixes in his first overs.

However his entertainment soon got cut short after he got run out for a firing 25. Wickets kept falling quickly and no sooner Bronx Raiders found themselves cornered against a wall with score at 65 for 5 in 15 overs.  With 70 more runs to get in the other 15 over, Navin Vincent who has been in tremendous form , the last three matches he scored three 50’s, all being not out.  It would be a great challenge for him to bat in the match. He worked the ball around patiently scoring singles and doubles, which is not his style of batting but due to pressure from BAS bowlers. Wicket kept falling on the other end and Bronx Raiders found themselves in a more worrisome position at 106 for 8 in 26th overs.

With 28 needed in 4 overs, there was hope, Navin who normally crashes ball over the boundary was still at the crease, and he was yet to cut loose. In the 27th over with 24 needed, he decided to go at the ball, he hooked medium pacer Andy over mid-wicket for 6 and then pulled him backward of square for 4, he took out 12 runs in that overs. With 12 more runs needed in 2 overs, he lofted Khan over long off boundary for another 6, to score 9 in that over. It was the final over for the match and with 3 runs needed,  Navin ended the game in style.  On the 2nd delivery he  hooked pacer Avinash thru mid-wicket  to the boundary for 4 and a well-played 55 not out,  an innings of class and perfection which  will never be forgotten,  crowning The  Bronx Raiders CC with a great victory.

Thanks to the Bronx All Stars for giving the Bronx Raiders the opportunity to play them. Special thanks  to all the players, family, friends, spectators and supporters of Bronx Raiders.