Mayor Sally Faith poses with kids during the Under-13 tournament.

Missouri Youth Cricket Association
Received from USYCA Affiliate Missouri Youth Cricket Association:
On June 14, the Missouri Youth Cricket Association got the attention of both the mayor of St. Charles and the media (Fox 2 News) on its first hosting of an U13 event at the MYCA home ground at Ed Bales Park.

Youth Cricket in Missouri received a major boost when the Mayor of St. Charles, Ms. Sally Faith, visited the MYCA Cricket Academy. She came during an Under-13 Tournament match being played between MYCA and Bolingbrook, IL teams.

Priya Singh of Missouri Youth Cricket Association with Mayor Sally Faith.

Ms. Faith met the MYCA Leadership team, including Susan Harris, Matthew Clark, Vikas Palhan, Christina Tucker, Ranjeet Singh and Ajay Jhamb. She also met the team managers from Bolingbrook, Sundar R. and Chidambar Joshi. Ms. Faith also talked to all the players and parents and handed a token of appreciation to Park Superintendent, Mr. Chris Atkinson, who has been very supportive of the MYCA Youth Cricket Program since 2012.

Ms. Faith stated that she would talk about cricket and she would support the efforts that MYCA Volunteers are making to introduce cricket in schools and the community.

MYCA also had Fox 2 news coverage where we were able to speak about youth cricket, on broadcasts both on June 14 and June 17.

The first segment was mainly an introduction, but in the second segment, anchor Tim Ezell came to the studio parking lot and actually played some cricket. These are some very encouraging cricket developments in Missouri.

MYCA hosted two matches against Bolingbrook. Both the teams won one game each. MVP – Joshua Kind (MYCA), Best Batsman – Vignesh R (Bolingbrook), Best Bowler – Ishan Iyer (Bolingbrook). The team from Bolingbrook was awarded the Champions Trophy for the better net run rate. MYCA came back strong in the second game with an all-round team performance. A superb throw from Katie leading to a run out, a quick stumping by Joshua, and a couple of good catches by Parth were highlights of the MYCA’s first team win in a competitive cricket arena.

MYCA, a proud member of USYCA, is competing in NYCL this summer with teams in Under 12 and Under 16 category respectively. Without a doubt, the MYCA team is leaving no stone unturned with regard to youth cricket development.