New York Region Inter League
Brooklyn Cricket League has named their team for this weekend clash in the New York Region Inter League match, which will take place on Saturday June 28 against the American Cricket League at Seaview Avenue and 80th Street ground in Canarsie.

Mark Audain (capt), Leon Hyde – MIDDLESEX; Garvin Smith, Mario Neils, Tevin Campbell, Archibald Brydon,  Jhonnie Bryden, Brandon Bodhoo, David Lewis – DIPLOMATS; Tamily Almed, Bjorn Brown – IMPERIAL;   Timothy Warner – CAVALIERS;  Kreed Fontanelle, Libert Sirouel, Richard Moncherry, Darren Dennis – ST LUCIA.

Milton Pydanna – coach;   Stanley Stephen – Manager

Colored clothing to be worn on this occasion.