New York T20 Big Bash | Photo Gallery | Tournament Schedule
Summary of the games from day one. Despite the rain, cricket in New York was off to a start in the New York T20 Big Bash Cricket tournament on March 2, and continues until the May 4. All games today will begin at 9:30 a.m.

Trinson Carmichael of New York Warriors hit an unbeaten 70 and took 4 for 13 on the first day of New York T20 Big Bash tournament.

Pak- America vs NY Warriors
Pak- America won the toss and scoring Pak-America 154/7: Azad Hussain 36.
S. Majeed 3/20 and A. Harribella 2/22.
In reply, NY Warriors made 155/3: T. Carmichael 70 N.O. and R. Wilson 43 N.O., Z.
Ahmad 2/19 and A. Hussain 1/19.
MAN OF THE MATCH: Trinston Carmichael 70 not out.

NY Blasters vs Pak Stallion
NY Blasters won the toss and scoring 142/7: K. Ganesh 29 and T. Johnson 29 N.O.
Abrar Zafar 4/16.
In reply, Pak Stallion made 146/6: T. Mars 39 and J. Tariq 27.
Z. Khan 3/22 and K. Ganesh 2/32

Pak-First vs St. Lucia Masters
Pak-First won the toss and decided to field. St. Lucia Masters made 92 all out off 14.4 overs.
C. Fontenelle 28 and P. Francis 26.
Wahab 3/9 and Zafar 3/27.
In reply, Pak- First made 93/4 off 12.2 overs: Asad 40 and Abdullah 35.
P. Francis 3/3
MAN OF THE MATCH: Wahab Munir 3 for 9

Atlantis vs Bangladesh Tiger
Atlantis won the toss and decided to field. Tigers 73 all out off 20 overs: Arif Islam 27.
Keon Lake 3/6 and Thakur Singh 2/12.
In reply, Atlantis made 77/9: Jonathan Foo 40 N.O.
J. Ahmed 4/18 and K. Zaman 3/9
MAN OF THE MATCH: Jonathan foo

Jonathan Foo of Atlantis struck 26 and an unbeaten 40 on day one.

NY Superstars vs Somerset CC
Somerset won the toss and batted reaching 153/8, Ahsan Siddique 49 and Naveed Gul 28.
Andy Mohammed 2/24 and George Adams 2/28.
In reply, NY Superstar made 90 all out in 16.4 overs: Andy Mohammed 24 and Sharaz Baskh 19.
Ibrahim Zahour 2/17 and Ahsan Siddique 2/18
MAN OF THE MATCH: Ahsan Siddique

Round 2
Pak- America vs Somerset CC
Pak- America won the toss scored 127 all off 18.1 overs, Yasir Jamshed 33 and Hunain Munir 16
Muhammad Tayyab 4/33 and Muhammad Nisarahed 2/13.
In reply, Somerset made 114 all out off 19.1 overs: Glen Hall 25 and Siddhart Metha 18.
Hunain Munir 3/20 and Asad Hussain 3/25
MAN OF THE MATCH: Yasir Jamshed

NY Blasters vs NY Superstars
NY Superstars won the toss and elected to bat hitting 150/8: S. Bari 48 and D. Evans 30.
Karan Ganesh 2/22 and Telston Johnson 2/25.
In reply, Blasters made 152/6 off 19.1 overs: Karan Ganesh 58 N.O. and G. Singh 38.
D. Mofett 3/10 and S. Baksh 2/27
MAN OF THE MATCH: Karan Ganesh

Pak-Stallion vs NY Warriors
Pak-Stallion sent in to bat hit 128/8: Troy Mars 32 and Z. Tariq 20.
T. Carmichael 4/13.
In reply, NY Warriors made 129/7 off 19.3 overs: Z. Majeed 26 N.O. and R. Wilson 18, J. Tariq 2/21
MAN OF THE MATCH: Trinston Carmichael

Wahab Munir captured 5 wickets from his two game for Pak-First.

Bangladesh Tigers vs Pak- First
Tigers won the toss and batted reaching 119/5 off 18 overs: Z. Hossain 40 and A. Islam 32.
Munir Wahab 2/25 and Zafar 1/18.
In reply, Pak-First made 121/5 off 17.2 overs: Asad 51 N.O. and Adil 23,
Z. Hussain 1/11 and F. Rahman 1/12
MAN OF THE MATCH: Asad Munawar

St. Lucia Masters vs Atlantis | Photo Gallery
Atlantis was sent in to bat hitting 99/9: Michael Noble 32 and Jonathan Foo 26.
J. Emanuel 2/5 and H. Peter 2/21.
In reply, St. Lucia Masters made 100/7 off 15.2 overs: A. Fontinel 30, Michael Noble 3/19


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