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Received from USYCA Affiliate Missouri Youth Cricket Association:
On May 21, MYCA (Missouri Youth Cricket Association) did a two-hour cricket presentation at the Ackerman School, which is part of Special School District of St. Louis, focusing on students between the ages of 5-14 years with a range of disabilities.

Some of the kids that participated.

This was a unique experience for MYCA to introduce Cricket to these wonderful kids, and we were amazed at their enthusiasm and participation. We started with an 18 minute video presentation. It was specially compiled for the youth to get a feel of cricket and was filled with music, animation and instructions, and the kids applauded after each section of it, giving us an indication that they liked it. It was followed by Q&A and they asked many questions indicating they liked it and were curious about it. We then had a demo, which was about 30 minutes per class and the energy and participation from children was unmatched to any other cricket presentation we have done before.

The kids adapted to cricket quickly and we are hoping they would continue enjoying the sport in the gym and outdoors with the free cricket set that USYCA provided. MYCA is committed to provide any support school needs towards learning and developing this sport in their school.

MYCA officers at this event were Christina Tucker, Matt Clark, Ranjeet Singh and myself.

I would like to thank the Ackerman School, and especially their PE Teacher Julie Zensen, for setting this up and providing MYCA an opportunity to introduce this wonderful sport to the children at their school.

Note: Due to school restrictions on photo releases, only a few selected photographs are being published.
Priya Singh
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