Civil War History
Sport Cricket was part of Hope’s town square activities during their daylong festival on the history of Civil War. President Abraham Lincoln united with the volunteers and young students portraying Civil War soldiers.

Jatin Patel (far right) along with other coaches at the festival.

This year marks the 150th Anniversary of many monumental battles and Visitors to the 4th Annual Hope Civil War Days found the historic Hope Town Square transformed into a Spring Encampment for the 11th Indiana Infantry Volunteers. Visitors had opportunity to Explore the camp, participate in drills on the Green, learning about soldiers from the different periods from throughout history, opportunity to see tools used in medical procedures on the battlefield, learn to play the Original American sport Cricket, meet President Abe Lincoln, and more!

Representing members of Maj. Gen. Lew Wallace’s 11th Indiana Volunteer Infantry, volunteers gave the visitors a glimpse into the life of a Civil War soldier, from uniforms and firearms to battlefield medical procedures. With the call of his bugle, Shown Bentz alerted the soldiers it was time to return to camp.

Indiana Youth Cricket was invited for the first time to take part in such historical event and Vivek Patel & Dhaval Patel, – volunteers from the Indy Legend Cricket Club (ACF Member) of Indianapolis joined to teach the children and adults all about the game. Visitors had a chance to understand the sport cricket and how it can be played. Some of the young students portraying Civil War soldiers (who never know or played cricket) tried to have a bat and swing at the ball.

A young soldier try his hands at cricket.

There is enough evidence that Sport cricket was Original American Sport and played by soldiers during and before civil war. Bringing Sport cricket back to historical events means we are refreshing our great USA History. Camp offered the great opportunity to visitors to know and try the game. Sport cricket was one of the most popular sports in America before Baseball and softball take over. Said “Jatin Patel, Vice president of US Youth cricket & President Indiana Youth Cricket.

Hope Civil War Days was filled with the opportunities to immerse anyone in this thought-provoking period of American history. The public is invited and encouraged to attend the many free events offered, as well as dining opportunities on the Hope Town Square or in Hartsville. Sport cricket demonstration(s) where excellent and we plan to bring sport cricket in all our future events. Says “Larry Simpson” event host for 4th annual Hope Civil war days festival.

Civil War days festival was organized by The Hope Star-Journal and partners – the Yellow Trail Museum and Bartholomew County Historical Society.