By Ravendra Madholall in Toronto
Cricket Canada’s youngest President Ravin Moorty has resigned after serving in the capacity for the past two consecutive years.

Ravin Moorty has resigned after two years.

He didn’t seek re-election at the Annual General Meeting and he has now been replaced by veteran administrator Vimal Hardat.

His announcement came just prior to the inaugural Hall of Fame on Saturday evening in Down Town Toronto citing that he wants to focus more on his family life and job.

The 35-year-old Moorty also expressed satisfaction with the way things were manipulated during his term and was indeed delighted to see the former cricketers gained the high recognition of inducted into the Hall of Fame.

According to a release, Moorty thanked all the volunteers, staff and board members that he had served with as well as the members of the public that have supported the organisation over the past several years. He singled out the contributions of a few dedicated people who have served the organisation with distinction.

He further highlighted the progress that had been made off the field, especially over the two years that have resulted in a dramatic change in fortunes as Cricket Canada truly became a functioning corporation and turned the page on some missteps with its major stakeholders.

“While we certainly have had some challenges, we have had a lot of success as well; moving Cricket Canada forward was first about steering a big ship around which we were able to do. I [am] happy we were able to give it a push forward as well and now look forward to enjoying, watching as a fan and a supporter,” Moorty related.

However, he still not ruling out the possibility of making a comeback later down in his life as an administrator for Canada’s cricket. He stated that Cricket Canada has given him some tasks so therefore he will make a contribution towards the continued development.

Moorty is currently employed with Syncrude Canada Ltd in Calgary as a project development manager, while he is the father of two young children.

At the Hall of Fame function, several prominent former cricketers were inducted owing to their significant contributions representing the North American country internationally.

Some of the inductees were Bryan Mauricette, Joel and Paul Prasad (brothers), Davis Joseph, Franklin Dennis, Rohan Jayasekera, Farouk Kirmari, John Davison, Ian Billcliff, Anthony Clarke, Ave Mogan and Ingleton Liburd among others.

These men and woman represented Canada with a great amount of success and produced several outstanding, individual performances.  Additionally, the entire team that featured in the 2003 International Cricket Council 50-over World Cup in South Africa was inducted, too.

Meanwhile, reliable sources also stated that Cricket Canada went through negotiations with the West Indies Cricket Board to host the opening ceremony and the first three rounds of matches in the second edition of the LIMACOL Caribbean Premier League but is now in doubt.

It is believed that certain venues in Toronto have not reached the requirements to have these quality T20 games. Moorty was one of the executives that instigated the initiative but he will no longer take part again.

Canada’s men team also suffered two world cup eliminations first last year and then in 2014. They failed to qualify at the T20 stage which recently concluded while they will face the same music by not participating at the 2015 50-over tournament.

The under-19 team came out empty handed as well in the 2014 ICC under-19 world cup while the women’s side could not have advanced to the qualifying segment last year.