Commonwealth Cricket League started out their season last Sunday with a Big 8 Tournament.

Results of last week’s quarter-finals were:
Whitestone:   Strikers beat Pak America
Flushing:       Pak-Punjab beat National
Whitestone:   Melbourne beat Rosedale Royals
Whitestone:   Seven Star beat Pasban.

All 4 matches were very thrilling and had very close finishes in each of them.

This week, the semis will play in the morning as follows:

1. Whitestone:  Strikers will play Seven Star
2. Whitestone:  Melbourne will play Pak Punjab

Finals will play Sunday afternoon at the same venue. Winner of 1 will play Winner of 2.

Tournament is coordinated by Irfan from the Strikers Cricket Club.
First Prize is $1500.
There will be other prizes given including bats and trophies.


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