USACA 2014 Membership Dues
LAKE WORTH, FLORIDA: In line with its mission to develop our sport for all Americans, the United States of America Cricket Association (USACA) has re-structured its Membership Program for 2014 based on feedback received from the recent ICC tour of the US as well as advisors and members of the national youth development committee.

Effective as of today, USACA Membership for 2014 will be $100 per Team, which can be paid in cash to USACA or preferably re- invested in youth and women’s development at the local level.

Those leagues directly reinvesting the league fees will also be likely to receive supporting additional funds and resources from USACA.

A League or Association may now submit a concise Youth Development Plan (with budget) outlining how it will invest in youth cricket at a local level for consideration by USACA.  John Thickett, USACA Treasurer states: “the two page plan will also act as a catalyst for further funding from USACA. We believe that rewarding commitment from individual leagues like this will drive a greater focus on development that works for each market and league.”

The plan should summarize the time and resources the League will invest in youth cricket and should show completion of the plan by October 31st 2014. USACA will accept the Plan and allow the member to retain the USACA membership fees as a contribution toward local youth development activities. In this case, each USACA League or Association will be required to submit to USACA a summary of the youth development outcomes by October 31st 2014, and the value invested in this local cricket development, instead of paying USACA money directly.

For example: a League that has 11 teams would normally pay USACA $1,100 for 2014 Membership dues ($100 per team). In the new arrangement for 2014, that $1,100 could be directed toward local development activities by the League or Association and thus no cash is due to USACA. Leagues can still pay cash to USACA and USACA will direct that money back to the Region for youth development.

$1,100 can buy 40+ junior cricket sets to teach schools or communities in the leagues areas. Or it can pay for gasoline for volunteers to drive around and maybe cover over 4,000 miles in their league area introducing or teaching the game. The funding can also be used to develop a website or put together two or three introduction to cricket events.  The board believes that this will encourage leagues to find other ways to match these funds but also support more members giving up some of their valuable time knowing that equipment, travel costs and even coaching time can get paid for.

Gladstone Dainty, USACA President stated that, “this is part one of a two pronged strategy that is also focused on enriching the competitive experience for players and leagues with the televised national tournament being staged in Indianapolis in August. The $6MM new cricket facility (Indianapolis World Sports Park) will be a major development for competitive cricketers in the US looking for a national stage to show and develop their skills. The Board of USACA is committed to working with our Regions and members and we hope that today’s announcement demonstrates our flexibility and our willingness to ensure that in 2014, youth cricket development becomes a major focus for the sport in the USA.”

Insurance will remain at $100 per team and individual supporter memberships are also available at $50 each. USACA is suggesting each team pay its Region $100 to support local regional initiatives.

For further information on the 2014 USACA Membership Programme, please visit or contact the USACA office:
Mr. Darren Beazley
Chief Executive Officer – USACA
Office: +1 (561) 839 1888
Cell: +1 (561) 345 5155