By Sakhi Muhammad
An athlete has certain prime time to compete on higher level, he must make it before his prime is gone and his responsibilities as a family person kicks in which is more important than playing cricket.

I have learned a lot from US cricket in one year, I exactly know why USA has not succeeded in cricket when this country rules the world in sports.

T20 has provided perfect opportunity to make cricket as an acceptable American sports. There was time when playing County Cricket in England was a dream for cricketers around the world. Nobody thought to go to India to play cricket, but now IPL is the biggest desire and target for majority of the world class cricketers.

I do not know if anybody can sense or not, CPL is the foundation for US cricket to flourish, it will take eight individuals who are serious, passionate, understand cricket, trustworthy, financially strong and are able to put cricket first and themselves second.

We simply cannot waste time in the race of organizations if the focus is to prove right or wrong instead of cricket. The question is who is coming forward to award central contracts to potential US National Players. Why we want their youth to be wasted? Why we expose them to international cricket without training and year round coaching? Why the hell we play on cemented wickets when international competition happens on turf wickets? If cricket is a full time job then why US National Players have regular jobs to feed their families. How long we will fool ourselves?

If an organization cannot provide the practical solutions to the genuine demands of the potential future cricketers then we still do not have an organization.