By Ravendra Madholall in Toronto
Islanders Cricket Club, a team that has been affiliated with the Toronto and District Cricket Association, is very saddened with the passing of former sponsor, Peter Pitamber.

Peter Pitamber, 60 (left), with his surviving son Jerry. Jerry found Peter, his mother Sita, 59 and brother Terry, 36 dead in their Brampton home early Monday morning of carbon monoxide poisoning. Photo courtesy of

The Canadian-based Guyanese Pitamber (60), his wife Seeta (59) and eldest son Terry (36) were all found dead in their Brampton home approximately, 02:00 am on Monday morning with Carbon Monoxide poisoning.

Manager and owner of the sports club, Bobby Rampersaud, stated that he was very ‘shocked’ having learnt about Peter’s death along with his immediate family.

Peter, the owner of the Popular Calypso Hut Restaurant and Bar which is also located in Brampton, sponsored his team in 2012 when they participated in both the Elite and Premier League competitions but this tragedy has certainly saddened the entire club.

“Yes, definitely we [are] very sorry and saddened to hear that Peter (Rampersaud) gone in this manner; he was very generous to us in 2012 and he was also a respectable individual,” Rampersaud commented.

Islanders did not go on to win the competition but several prominent Caribbean cricketers featured for them including former West Indies opening batsman Ryan Ramdass, Canada’s national fast-bowler and Guyanese Eon Katchay among others.

“In 2012, we had a good team despite not making it to the final but our entire team from since then is still in a state of shock of Peter’s sudden passing but we wish his family well in this time of grieve and May his Soul rest in peace,” the Trinidadian Rampersaud related.

Their youngest son, Jerry, discovered the three persons. He arrived home to see his parents and sibling lying dead on the floor while another relative and family friend, who were at the home, treated at a nearby hospital after recovering well.

Funeral arrangements are in progress.