American Cricket Association
Pittsburgh has a long history of clubs devoted to athletic and other sports and games. The original Pittsburgh Cricket Club was formed in the 1883 with regular games being conducted with other regional clubs.

The game of cricket was disbanded in the 1900s but was revitalized in 2004 with the formation of The Pittsburgh Cricket Association (PCA) to promote the sport in the Eastern PA, WV and Ohio regions. Currently the PCA has 19 registered teams under its umbrella with 3 beautiful grounds to enjoy cricket. Cricket Cares was later established as the charity and community giving arm of the PCA. The Association colors are black, red and gold. The banner “virtute non verbis” stands for – “deeds… not words”.

Currently there are more than 400 registered members of the Pittsburgh Cricket Association and all the team and individual player statistics have been meticulously maintained for all the seasons in an online scoring system database.