Priya Singh makes a presentation during the convention.

Missouri Youth Cricket Association
Received from USYCA Affiliate member Missouri Youth Cricket Association:
On February 9, Missouri Youth Cricket Association (MYCA) did a cricket presentation at the Kawa Kon Convention at Marriott Hotel across St. Louis Airport. Kawa Kon ( has about 1500 members. It was a two day convention with multiple social events and attendees were mainly teenagers and some adults from all over USA. MYCA’s presentation was from 2 – 3PM on Sunday.

The presentation was led by: Priya Singh, Christina Tucker and Ranjeet Singh. The hour-long presentation included 25 minutes of video followed by practical demonstrations and then a Q&A session.

Priya led the cricket demonstration in the convention doing the video presentation and leading the Q&A. Christina was at the entrance inviting people in for the meeting and handing out flyers and sharing cricket information.

We would like to thank Harry Sneed, for contacting us and inviting us to their event. He expressed his liking for the game and is going to come and watch cricket matches once the season starts in Spring.

When you are laying the foundation, every pebble counts. These are small connections MYCA is making with the community in relation to cricket, and hopefully every support will add up towards the development and spreading awareness of cricket in the country.

Ranjeet Singh
Missouri Youth Cricket Association (MYCA) Secretary & Academy Head Coach