Midwest Region
Midwest Cricket Tournament is the pre-eminent cricket league of the Midwest region that encompasses the states of Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, Tennessee and West Virginia. The objective of MCT is to promote, foster and develop interest in cricket in the Midwest.

MCT has organized a competitive tournament every year and teams from West Virginia and Nashville have also participated. The first MCT tournament started with 10 teams in 1996. Currently MCT has more than 30 teams that play the 35-over and 20-over tournaments. There are more than 700 enthusiastic diverse cricket players who actively participate in the tournaments every year from a wide geographic area that includes Cleveland, Columbus, Akron, Dayton, Cincinnati, Indianapolis, Louisville, Lexington, Frankfort, Nashville and the towns around these cities.

In 2006, Midwest Open Cricket League also started in the region, with a broader participation of the teams in the Tournament Organization Committee (TOC). The innovative concepts of Captain’s Council, Neutral Umpires and neutral venues were initiated. MOCL merged with MCT in 2010 and a five member Midwest Cricket Council (MCC) Board was founded.

The role of the MCC Board is to provide experienced oversight to the league TOC and processes. Since the inception of the MCC Board there have been significant efforts from all the regions to make MCT a very robust and vibrant league. Historically, MCT organized 35-over games while different clubs arranged pre-season and post-season T20 championships. The MCC Board decided to bring all the regional tournaments under the single umbrella structure of MCT and so organized the first ever MCT T20 in the fall of 2013.

MCT intends to streamline hardball cricket in our region by organizing all the cricket tourneys with cohesive efforts of the MCC Board and TOC with transparency and with democratic platform as well as participation of the Council of Captains.

Under The MCC Board governance, TOC, led by its president, Hammad Bokhari, is acquiring 501c3 status in 2014. MCT has the vision to take cricket to the next generation by introducing the sport of cricket in our regional schools and establishing a metro-based regional platform for cricket in collaboration with the local metro bodies.

MCC Board and MCT recognize the value of ACF initiatives, transparency and genuineness to promote cricket as a competitive sport in the USA. Therefore MCC Board has decided to affiliate with ACF and to join at all levels with ACF.

MCT President Hammad Bokhari who is also a MCC Board Member can be reached at Hammadbokhari@hotmail.com or by cell (502) 544-7186.

MCT website: www.midwestcricket.com