American Cricket Federation
MACC is based in Virginia, primarily in the Tidewater, Richmond, Charlottesville, Roanoke and Blacksburg areas. MACC have 16 teams and play twelve 40-over games in regular season and have started its inaugural Twenty-20 tournament in 2013.

The MACC was originally based in the Research Triangle area of North Carolina, and included member clubs from Raleigh, High Point, Greensboro, Greenville, Charlotte, and Columbia, SC. Although cricket teams have existed in the Mid Atlantic area since the late 1980s, and played regular social matches against interstate teams, it was not until 1997 that a formal competition was underway. Since then, MACC has attracted cricket lovers who have moved into the area.

The teams in MACC draw most of their players from South Asia although there are quite a few players from Australia, England, South Africa and the West Indies, which gives the organization much diversity.

In 2009 teams from North and South Carolina decided to leave the MACC form their own league, with the original MACC teams now represented in three leagues: MACC of Virginia( ), Triangle Cricket League (TCL) and Carolina Cricket League (CCL).

In 2013 MACC was commended by Virginia General Assembly through House Joint Resolution No. 691 on January 13. MACC’s goals are:
• To promote, encourage, foster and develop interest in and knowledge and understanding of, the game of cricket throughout Virginia.
• To foster, encourage and develop the highest standard of officiating in all MACC cricket.
• To foster development of youth cricket within Virginia.
• To establish and develop venues where local cricket can be played.
• To ensure that all MACC cricket matches are conducted within the laws of cricket and the traditions and spirit of the game are upheld by all members.
But above all, MACC aims to have fun and enjoy its cricket!

MACC believe that the appointment of Jamie Harrison as CEO of ACF is a new beginning for American Cricket. MACC recognize ACF initiatives and sincerity to promote cricket as a competitive sport in USA. Therefore MACC Board of Directors have decided to join hands with ACF in its all level.

MACC’s leadership team can be contacted at:
Dipendra Sengupta, President:
Rajeev Khanna, Vice President:
Aditya Gadre, Vice President:
Mihir Shah, Treasurer:
Rajesh Patel: