Missouri Youth Cricket Association
Missouri Youth Cricket Association (MYCA) conducted a four-hour cricket presentation and demonstration to students of Highland High School in Illinois. MYCA first did a video presentation to all of the students in their auditorium, followed by twenty minutes of cricket clinic sessions with each class in the gym area.

Members of Highland High School poses with cricket kits.

MYCA would like to thank Doug Bradley, Social Studies teacher at Highland High School, for setting this up, and we also want to thank the PE Teachers and the students who participated enthusiastically in the cricket presentation and made it a positive learning experience.

Every school cricket presentation gives us a new opportunity to share the sport with new youth players and teachers. The satisfaction of sharing this sport with community youth is just priceless.

Some of the high school girls were initially a little shy in participating, but having seven year-old MYCA female player Ritu Singh demonstrate some of the skills helped them open up and participate. Most of the students were able to adapt to the game quickly. We even saw a couple of the students bowling with proper action within a few attempts, and a few played nice cricket straight drives within minutes of having introduced to the game. Thus showing that, given the chance, the youth can learn the sport quickly and develop into potential competitive cricket players.

We left Missouri in the early morning, around 6:00 AM, and reached Highland High School in Illinois at 7:30 AM. MYCA is committed to support anyone and everyone we can possibly reach in our region who has desire to know and learn about the second most popular sport in the world. We hope that with the cricket set provided by USYCA, Highland High School Students will continue to enjoy the sport in their gym and maybe also play outdoors in summer.

The PE Teachers discussed various aspects of the game. They asked various questions about technical details of the game, and we ended the presentation with a belief and hope that more young players would consider giving this game a try.

MYCA Volunteers at this event were Priya Singh (President), Ranjeet Singh (Secretary), Ramapriya (MYCA Volunteer), Yuvraj Singh (MYCA Academy Player) & Ritu Singh (MYCA Academy Player).
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Priya R Singh
Missouri Youth Cricket Association (MYCA)