Commentators Carl Bennett and Lenny Achaibar (left) will host the show. Photo by Shiek Mohamed

Cricket Talk Show
February 9, 2014 – CricketVoiceUSA has launched a talk-show formatted cricket program designed to cover the sport of cricket in North America.

Dubbed CricketVoiceUSA, the live, audio-only, talk-show is the brainchild of a group of U.S.-based cricket broadcasters, Lenny Achaibar, Carl Bennett and Jamie Lloyd; as well as CEO of CricketZone USA, Ravi Etwaroo.

The weekly program will debut on February 13, 2014, at 9 p.m. ET, and is expected to be 90 minutes in duration.  Thereafter, the show will continue to air on Thursday nights, via  The web-based format for CricketVoiceUSA was chosen in order to permit broader access from a growing global constituency and is expected to feature the participation of several predominantly U.S.-based stakeholders in addition to several others in the broader international community — inclusive of administrators, players, enthusiasts, among other interested parties.

The transplanted co-presenters: Achaibar, of Guyana; Bennett, of Jamaica; and Lloyd, of New Zealand; intend to deliver a tightly produced, high quality program discussing serious issues with some added news, interviews, telephone call-in and entertainment elements.

“The conception of this idea has been several years in the making,” said Achaibar.  “We are grateful to the many, particularly Ravi Etwaroo and Sheik Mohamed of, whom have assisted immensely in enabling our team to bring this long-overdue project to fruition.”

“The reality is, there simply is not an outlet of this format that is accessible to stakeholders in and around the U.S. and throughout the Americas,” added Bennett.  “With this venture, we are anticipating being able to provide a forum for the cricket fraternity to be able to better connect with each other and to have an amplified voice.”

“We anticipate that this will be a useful platform to enhance the building and development of an important community with a common interest, which is ultimately to promote and advance the game, particularly at a grass roots level,” concluded Lloyd.

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