The American Cricket Federation through its CEO Jamie Harrison, today issued the following statement.

It has always been the intention of the American Cricket Federation (ACF), a recognized governing body for cricket in the United States, to seek a relationship with the International Cricket Council, as it is our belief that we can do justice to America’s associate membership, whereas USACA has only wasted it.

To accomplish this, we have now built a strong national cricket body with a model governance structure, proper financial controls, money in the bank and no debt, a growing number of strong member leagues, and an army of enthusiastic volunteers. Most importantly, ACF has the esteem and trust of cricket stakeholders across the country, where USACA has, over the years, earned only the bitterness and enmity of American cricket stakeholders.

To fulfill our mission, it is first necessary to ask the ICC to review the cricket governance situation within the United States, in recognition that there are now two distinct governing bodies in America. Today, we have formally done this.

We do not take this action lightly, and we are mindful that this brief transition period may bring uncertainty to some. However, we are unshakable in our confidence that American cricket will emerge from this experience exponentially greater than it was before, having finally the leadership that will allow it to fulfill its potential as one of the world’s truly great cricketing nations.