Exclusivity And Gambling
The American Cricket Federation’s Board of Directors has adopted two new policy statements, one addressing practices of exclusivity and the other addressing gambling.

ACF is determined to combat the unethical and damaging practice made common by certain other organizations to deny its members the ability to fully participate in cricket opportunities in the United States. In doing so, ACF wishes to make it clear that cricket should be encouraged in the United States, not suppressed.

To that end, ACF adopts the following statement:
“The American Cricket Federation, in placing the interests of its members first, and with its stated goal of supporting all cricket in the United States, will never preclude, discourage or penalize the participation in cricket activities of any league, club or individual based upon their respective affiliations.”

Another area addressed by ACF is its intention to, from its earliest days, take a strong position against the potential for corruption, undue influence and damaging associations. Even the perception of vulnerability in this area must be avoided, and the contradiction of being associated with legalized gambling is, ACF believes, unhelpful.

To that end, ACF adopts the following statement:
“The American Cricket Federation resolves to refrain from associations with gambling interests of any kind, formal or otherwise, and to extend this same resolution to its officially sanctioned competitions.”