Canada News
By Ravendra Madholall in Toronto
His representation for Guyana and Canada has persistently given Hemnarine Chattergoon greater confidence to return something to the game. His dedication has paid off and he strongly recommends that young, aspiring cricketers should train hard which makes the game easier, both mentally and physically.

Hemnarine Chattergoon, left, receives one of his many trophies at the SCA presentation last year.

He is the current Vice-President of the Canadian Softball Cricket Association (CSCA) and already aiming for more success in 2014. He expressed extreme satisfaction after 2013 was deemed an accomplished season.

He plays actively too for Jaguar in the CSCA competition while the former West Indies under-19 batsman represents Vikings Cricket Club in the annual Toronto and District Cricket Association Elite League.

Hemnarine, the elder brother of former West Indies opening batsman Sewnarine Chattergoon, played a pivotal role as well for Hawaiian Arctic Cricket Club, which won the Scarborough Cricket Association title for the past four consecutive years and featured in the Golden Tigers’ colors at the Brampton/Etobicoke League.
During an exclusive interview with this writer on Monday from his Mississauga home in the Greater Toronto Area, the right-hander declared that softball has grown tremendously over the years.
He wants to see his association pull off another good year given the fact that 2013 had over 20 teams participated, a manifestation of the continued support and the players’ willingness to participate as well.

“We at the CSCA will continue to work hard over the next twelve months; I know the cricket season [is [very short in Canada but it was wonderful to see the large number of players coming and play on a regular basis,” Chattergoon enthusiastically revealed.

Sunshine Cricket Club emerged as champion last year and again a plethora of seasoned players featured much to the delight of his association. Some of players were: Royston Crandon, Damodar Daesrath, Rajindra Chandrika, Krishna Deosaran, Wasim Haslim, Garvin Singh, Mahendranauth ‘Bobby’ Parasnauth, Troy Gobin, among others included several top softball cricketers.

“It was very pleasing to watch the players have come out and be a part of the action; the guys wanted to play and they seemed to have also enjoyed themselves and that is one of our objectives again this year to have players who can make a big contribution to the game,” the 36-year-old occasional off-spinner Chattergoon related.

Apart from Hemnarine and Sewnarine, Ramnarine and Harrynarine are also siblings and would have donned the Guyana’s colors at the youth level. Hemnarine stated ‘it was a great privilege’ to represent his native country and then Canada, and that has inspired him to coach at the club level here.

Additionally, Hemnarine was very laudable to his fellow executives for their efforts last year and is very optimistic they will resume with the same level of solid commitment and dynamism. He feels the players and the association keeping the softball cricket on a steady growth and was very thankful to the sponsors, whose input must be recognized.

Meanwhile, Hemnarine wants to be in Guyana later this year to take part in the annual Guyana Cup softball Mini World Cup tournament, which is being run under the auspices of the Guyana Softball Floodlights Association. He mentioned that once he is selected by any Canadian team, he is willing to display his softball batting talent.

At the previous event, a Canadian side did participate. The players were selected by the Ontario Softball Cricket League, who already declared their interest of returning in 2014.