Indiana Youth Cricket Association
Jatin Patel, of USYCA (Founder USA center for excellence in Cricket and President) – The Indiana Youth Cricket Association recently met with Florida volunteers to launch state wide “Basics of Cricket” and “Introduction to Cricket” with certifications for Florida PE teachers, which will be available online.

Rahul Joshi with Jatin Patel.

Florida state wide project replicates Indiana’s project for Cricket education for PE teachers in schools as well as PE undergraduate students at local Colleges and Universities. Plan also includes certification for existing cricket player’s to help future needs in coaching education & certification.

Orlando, Florida based Rahul Joshi, of The Florida Cricket Conference and former ACF steering committee member as well as 2013 ACF National Cricket championship event host. Located in Central Florida will serve as South East Regional Youth Coaching director & oversee statewide project as well as primary contact person for PE teachers with few other volunteer’s help in south, North east & North West.

During 2013 Rahul Joshi conducted a success full Cricket Seminar at Avalon Elementary school with 1000 students in East Orlando and plan to expand Cricket education and coaching Certification program to many more schools and colleges/universities in Florida.

It’s a simple step, we will replicate program launched in Indiana by Jatin for cricket education and coaching certification in Florida & South east Region states. Recently Jatin and I spent time to go through his plans in details and it’s time to put the plan in action and make huge stride for cricket in Florida. We are looking forward to replicating the success of the Indiana program and leveraging Jatin’s coaching knowledge and his expertise of the game of cricket to help lay a solid foundation for cricket education and the game of cricket; specifically for future youth cricketers, said Rahul Joshi.

Jatin Patel with Sandip Desai.

US citizen & Located in south Florida native, Senior IT professional has played cricket at the highest level in area since he migrated to USA In 2003. He also played cricket at State and national level in India as well as with many International ranked players throughout his playing career.

He is talented & experienced Wicket keeper and Opening batsman (also needed basis bowler), with lots of technical and tactical knowledge about the game which will help his coaching expertise at youth level.

I am ready to mentor young kids who wants to excel in Cricket game to play at higher level, I have faced some fierce fast bowlers and crafty spinners in my cricket career. I just want to pass my knowledge for the next generation to help future of USA cricket. With Jatin Patel’s help on cricket coaching and instruction for novice player, I am excited to help Florida schools and colleges to provide needed local help in cricket education in action with plan to develop more local cricket coaches to develop this game in USA, says Sandip Desai.

Swetu Patel

, US citizen & Located in Savannah, GA. Electrical Engineer and small business owner has played cricket in India at College and University, state level before he migrated to USA In 2009.  He will be primary contact person in North Eastern Florida, South Eastern Georgia & South Eastern South Carolina areas. He is experienced Top order batsman during his playing career. With vision To provide cricket coaching and educational needs to local area scholars, teachers & new entry level local coaches.

I am excited to help schools and colleges to provide needed local help in cricket education to promote this game in USA. I have played with Jatin Patel during my college cricket career, he was my college team captain and enjoyed more time with him playing and learning cricket during those days. Our relationship continues even after 30 years and it’s time to perform as a team again in cricket coaching here in USA. His Indiana cricket project for “Basics of Cricket” with Certifications is very simple and easy to follow and I am confident to succeed in this project while we replicate Indiana Project in local area to promote this game, said Swetu Patel.

Raju Patel of Tallahassee, FL. Civil Engineer profession and Small business owner has Played college and University level cricket in India and as league level cricket in Los Angeles, Southern California, Kansas & Florida, USA. During last 22 years. He will cover North West – Pan handle Florida area.

Americans do not play cricket due to many reasons but most important is game knowledge, as they are not aware of this game nor they are exposed to this game. It’s time to educate them with Cricket in schools and colleges is the best way to move forward in USA cricket, said Raju Patel.

Raju Patel

All four existing team members in & South Eastern states & Florida are experienced cricket players at higher level. Their extensive playing experience & game knowledge will provide strong base for Cricket education and coaching to many others. A cricket coach with playing experience does make big difference & it’s just beginning with the basics in Florida and we will work together with the plan to move forward as we make progress. Dedicated Volunteers from few more states with cricket playing experience and coaching knowledge, who are willing to expand our Cricket Education program & vision will be added as we make progress. said Jatin Patel.