Advanced cricket coaches from left Dave Michell, Sara Fox, Stacey Patterson, Zach Howard- not pictured Joe Perkins and Eileen Richards, also trainer with Jatin Patel.

School Cricket Program

On November 11th 2013, Monday, the New Albany-Floyd County Consolidated School Corporation in Indiana hosted day long Advanced cricket camp (1st in Indiana & Midwest states) to celebrate its 1st anniversary, since they launched countywide school cricket program with a daylong in-school camp on November 12th 2012.

The camp was organized by Eileen Richards and it was held at Highland Hills Middle School in Georgetown, Indiana. Richards oversees sports activities in all district schools, which includes 3 middle and nine elementary schools. Floyd County is located in extreme southern Indiana, across the Ohio River from Louisville, Kentucky.

Camp was attended by more than 800 students and many area teachers were present all day to raise their bar in the cricket coaching to become Advanced Cricket Coaches with the Basics of Umpiring.

The turnout to the camp was tremendous.

Since school cricket program was launched last year, school kids are regularly involved playing cricket and this day long in school camp provided much needed cricket skills and game knowledge to advance in and after school cricket programs in the area. We all ready have after school club program run by parents and trained Cricket coaches. We are excited to have Jatin Patel as a ICC certified & Cricket Australia Coach to run this Advanced cricket camp and provide us more in depth cricket game knowledge. Says Eileen Richards, Trainer and Advanced cricket coach.

Another Trainer and Advanced cricket coach, Dave Michell said” I enjoyed the workshop and learned a lot about the finer points of cricket, I feel comfortable teaching it in all my classes now as part of our rigorous PE curriculum”

This camp was well organized and provided great opportunity for all students and teachers in southern Indiana to advanced their skills and knowledge for the cricket. With the all day long game playing experience they are now ready to play competitive cricket. Most of the students enjoyed cricket skill challenges to prepare themselves for the real games and I like to help them to keep continue their cricket interest and take them to the next level when it’s needed. Says Jatin Patel.

Details for the Initial Cricket Launch from last year can be found