Governance Review
LAKE WORTH, FLORIDA: The national governing body for cricket in the USA, the United States of America Cricket Association (USACA) will start a ten (10) day tour of the US from today to meet in person with as many of its membership in the next step of the ongoing Governance Review process that commenced in April of this year.

The tour will take in six (6) of the eight (8) USACA Regions in seven (7) major cities from the west to the east coast of the US. Starting on Thursday October 17th in Los Angeles, USACA members have been invited to meet with the USACA President, Board members and the CEO to discuss the collective approach toward governance of the sport into the future.

These meetings follow on from the release of the Governance Review Report from TSE Consulting containing a comprehensive analysis of the governance of the game of cricket in the United States. The meetings will also be attended by Mr. Tim Anderson (ICC Global Development Manager) in a bid to provide USACA members with a unique opportunity to personally discuss their views on the future of the sport in the US. The objective of the tour is to identify common ‘themes’ from the membership and to reach consensus on a new approach to the governance of cricket in the USA that builds on the strong foundation of the past, but ensures that cricket keeps pace with modern best practices of sports administration.

The itinerary for the USACA National tour is below;

For those USACA member Leagues and Associations that are unable to attend these meetings in person, teleconferences are being arranged so that their input into the process is included.

Based on the findings of this intensive consultation process, the USACA Membership will discuss a strategic approach for governance at its Annual General Meeting to be held at the Sheraton Suites in Planation, Florida on Saturday November 16th 2013.