United States Youth Cricket Association
USYCA is delighted to be able to announce that the Puget Sound Cricket Club (PSCC) has joined its membership. PSCC has demonstrated a great commitment to youth cricket, and looks to further that commitment by its association with USYCA.

Some members of Puget Sound Cricket Club.

Club secretary and co-founder Muhammed Memon said, “It’s important to note that 22+ teams are competing in Cricket Leagues in Northwest, but till now there has not been a single program that has offered structured cricket training to youth. It is sad that despite so much adult cricket being played in the Puget Sound area, there isn’t a single organization that foster or promotes youth cricket.

“We think that the future of cricket in USA rests on the interest of young players and that’s why our club is planning to start a youth summer cricket camp in partnership with the city. Bellevue is a diverse community and being able to attend cricket matches may help promote interest in other cultures and sports which is something the City of Bellevue’s Diversity Initiative wants to do.” said Memon.

“This is the first time City of Bellevue has put together a cricket pitch in any of their fields and parks member had put lot of efforts learned the process and to make sure that the pitch is laid correctly,” Memon said. “We appreciate all the effort and time that team members of Bellevue Parks and Community Development put together to make this project a success. This shows the understanding and openness to change of the park’s team members towards the growing needs of our city’s diverse community.”

USYCA President Jamie Harrison said, “It’s exciting to be working with such a great group as the Puget Sound Cricket Club. The northwestern United States is a vibrant growth area for cricket and the leadership of the PSCC should have a major impact there.”