Dear Member,
We would like to thank you for your support and commitment to the ACF vision and goals for a radical change in the national governance of U.S. Cricket. We trust that you will be active in the election to help determine the future course of U.S. cricket development in 2014.

A series of announcements related to the forthcoming ACF Elections in December, 2013 will be communicated to you in coming weeks, in accordance with ACF’s policy of transparency and democratic representation.

Initial communications will include:
• Announcement of the appointment of the Election Auditor.
• Refresher on posts and respective voting rights of Members, as defined in the ACF Constitution.
• Confirmation of final cut-off date (provisionally 9/30/13) for new members to qualify for 2013 election voting rights.
• The procedure for individual and league and club representative members to nominate candidates for Board positions and Advisory & Judiciary Committee positions.
• Circulation of an audited voter list of eligible members in good standing for you to check.
• Details of the electronic balloting and verification process

To the great silent majority of concerned U.S. cricketers and cricket organizations, we would gently remind you that it is difficult to effect change for the better by remaining inactive.

If you believe that management of U.S. cricket should be democratically based, if you believe that U.S. cricket development can be improved, then your voices need to be added to those of our members.

JOIN NOW to add your voting entitlement before the imminent cut-off date. See the “Membership” tab at

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