By Christine Ramotar
The Indo-Caribbean Federation will be hosting its 23rd Annual cricket match between Guyana and Trinidad Invitation Team on August 17, 2013 at Floyd Bennett Field Park in Brooklyn. The game commences at 11am.

Karan Ganesh will lead the Guyana squad. Photo: Shiek Mohamed

This year the Federation has decided to include players from other Caribbean countries.

The main feature of this year’s game will be the honoring of legendary Caribbean sports broadcaster Reds Perreira of Guyana. This will take place during the half time festivities. As many of you may know “Reds” has been a predominant figure in Caribbean sports broadcasting for more than forty years. His broadcasting experience has spanned many countries.

“This year, the reason we are including players from other countries is so that cricket fans have an opportunity to see other talented players that come from the rest of the Caribbean, and also perform at a competitive level. We have hosted this annual cricket match for the past twenty-two years and many national and international cricketers have played in these matches,” said Ralph Tamesh, President of the Indo-Caribbean Federation, who has been organizing this game for the past twenty-one years.

Leading the Guyana team this year will be Karan Ganesh, a current US National player. The Trinidad Invitation team will be led by the evergreen Glen Lorick who has played for the past twenty years in the Federation game.

The Federation in the past has honored many national and international players, including Leonard Baichand, Kamal Singh, Romain Etwaroo, Sew Shivnarine, Bernard Julian, and Raphick Jumadeen to name a few.

The Federation is hoping that cricket fans in the New York area will get a chance to see some exciting cricket on Saturday with the caliber of players that’s included in the respective teams.

Story courtesy of West Indian Newspaper