United States Youth Cricket Association
USYCA is pleased to announce that, in recognition of his longstanding and continued support of youth cricket and the USYCA mission, Steven Weisse of Schenectady, New York, has been named a Patron of Youth Cricket.

Steven Weisse of Schenectady was recognized for his work with youth cricket.

His name will appear with other Patrons of Youth Cricket on the USYCA Sponsors and Supporters webpage. Steven has also received a plaque commemorating his inclusion in this distinguished group. The plaque reads:
For dedication to the cause of youth cricket in the United States
and for contributions made on its behalf
the United States Youth Cricket Association
does hereby express its gratitude and does bestow upon
Steven Weisse
recognition as a
Patron of Youth Cricket
July 1, 2013

Steven was introduced to cricket while travelling through England in the summer of 1997, where he watched Ashes matches and asked sympathetic pub patrons questions about the game. One “guest,” however, was not as friendly toward the inquisitive Yank. He leaned over the bar and drunkenly sneered, “Americans are too stupid to understand cricket.” The gauntlet having been thrown, Steven became determined to learn as much about the game as possible.

Starting with books from the local library, then migrating to internet searches, Steven learned that there was a cricket club, Tri-City, right in Schenectady where he lives. Steven reached out and contacted the club, and they very kindly encouraged him to come out and learn the game. Eventually, Steven started playing, and now is president of the club, and has been for the past 10 years.

In addition to playing the game himself, he has also worked to introduce the game of cricket throughout the Schenectady City School District, as well as several neighboring communities. He conducted a one-day, in-service training session for the entire Schenectady School District’s physical education staff in March of 2004, and once again several years later. Steven also secured a portion of a National Education Association grant to provide Kanga Cricket and Kwik Cricket equipment to all eleven elementary schools, three middle schools and one high school in the district. He also managed to get a cricket club going at Schenectady High School (whose team shirt he wears in the photo above), and has helped sponsor and run an annual Inter-City Cup match against a neighboring high school in Albany.

In addition to these things, Steven has made numerous cricket presentations at many local venues, including the Schenectady County Library, Schenectady City Council, Goosehill Neighborhood Association, General Electric, Schenectady City Schools, and Union College.
When USYCA was in its earliest days, and before its success was a demonstrated fact, Steven began his financial support for the organization, and has repeatedly given whenever the need has arisen. Clearly, Steven has a deep committment to seeing cricket spread throughout the American population, and he has acted on that committment.
USYCA President Jamie Harrison said, “Steve has been there for USYCA from its earliest days, and we are grateful to have his friendship. Whenever there’s a need, Steve is one of the first to step up, and he never asks anything in return. His example of selfless support for youth cricket is a model for all of us.”

Weisse said, “The Patron of Youth Cricket award is quite an honor, and I am humbled to be chosen to receive it, as I know there are many more deserving candidates out there. I love the game of cricket, and want to see it gain the prominence it once held in this country. Youth cricket is the way to make that happen, and the efforts of USYCA have been instrumental in helping to bring this dream to fruition. I applaud USYCA for taking on this challenge, and will do all I can to help support their ambitious goals.”