Brooklyn Cricket League
On 7/13/13, Shieffield vs Cavaliers, Shieffield 209 all out in 40 overs, Glen Hall 46, K. Haynes 25, D. Moffet 24. Bowling for Cavaliers, former West Indies fast bowler, Cameron Cuffy 3 wickets, Casper Davis Sr. 2 wickets, and Sunny Nahal 2 wickets. Cavaliers 167 all out, Ezekiel Williams 47 not out, Bert Brown 31, Andre Marsh 28.
Sheffield won by 42 runs.

On 7/14/13, Cavaliers vs Panthers, Panthers 253 all out, Salik Iqbal 61, Ulfat Shahzad 57, Asim Shahzad 56, Shabaz Najam 40. Bowling for Cavaliers, Ephraim Bacchus 7/0/29/3, H.Blake 5/0/44/3, Andre Marsh 7/0/48/3. Cavaliers 106 all out from 23 overs, Andre Marsh 40, Ezekiel Williams 19. Bowling for Panthers, Azhar Hussain 5/0/15/5, Bilal Adil 7/0/26/1, Salmon Ahmad 4/0/24/1 and Ulfat Shazad 3/0/13/1.
Panthers winning by 147 runs.

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