USA Cricket Umpires Association
By Dervon Wallace
As the United States Of America Cricket Umpires Association (USACUA) Umpiring Preliminary and Final Written Examination results are announced, I myself who is one of the successful candidates would like to use the medium to congratulate all other successful candidates as we the next generation of umpires set our site on continuing to help improve and help with the development of cricket in this our beloved United States Of America. I would also like to encourage cricket loving people from all across the country to get onboard when the next classes begin in early January 2014.

Dervon Wallace

I would like to personally thank USACUA Vice President Mr. Deepak Katte the founder & president of the New Jersey State Cricket Umpires Association (NJSCUA) as it’s with his vision and expertise of introducing an Online version of the USACUA Umpiring and Training Certification Program that allowed prospective umpires like myself who would’ve had difficulties travelling to a site for 12-14 weeks to be able to learn from the comfort of our home. To me his vision saved me money, time and adds flexibility to my already busy schedule.

After attending the Online Class for 14 weeks I would recommend it to anyone who so desire to  get a first hand learning experience of the laws of our beloved game.  Mr. Katte along with experience certified umpire and former First Class player Mr. Ram Ragoo  went above and beyond outlining the laws and preparing us for the exams, to the point of having ICC match referees, fully qualified international umpires as well as current and former international players joining sessions to pass on their on field  experience. We were able to access all the materials and ask question, as if we were in a class room. As a testament to this; Online Training had a 100% pass with 2 of its trained umpires viz Mr. Vijaya Prakash Malella (NJ/MD) and yours truly Dervon Wallace (NY/NJ) topping the USACUA Final Written and Preliminary Exam respectively.