United States Youth Cricket Association
On June 10, USYCA was delighted to receive over $8,000 from the ICC, and noted, after earlier fairly critical comments, how this marked an encouraging sign that the world authority were becoming responsive to the needs of cricket development in the USA.

Today, Ben Kavenagh, ICC Americas Regional Development Manager, has asked that the money be returned to the ICC, saying now that these funds were “incorrectly” given. Notwithstanding the great good that such a donation would have done for cricket in America, USYCA has no desire to retain funds under such circumstances and will move to immediately send the money back to the ICC.

USYCA President Jamie Harrison has issued this statement:

“It is unfortunate that the ICC, which found itself on the precipice of doing good for cricket in America, has instead found itself unable to do so. In context of my earlier comments in relation to appropriate oversight of US cricket management, it now appears that I was naive in thinking that the ICC had at last understood the right thing to do in America. In my innocence, I still hope that altruistic service might one day be the hallmark of the game in the United States, though I recognize that recent history is not in our favor.

I apologize to all those whose hopes I inadvertently raised by thinking that the ICC had at last decided to support American youth cricket. I take full responsibility for the misunderstanding, and remain hopeful that one day the international governing body will join our mission to build a brighter future for American cricket.”