On June 10, the International Cricket Council, which has often been accused of neglecting the American domestic cricket scene, and particularly of neglecting youth cricket development in this country, made a dramatic move toward erasing those opinions by making an unsolicited donation in excess of $8000 to USYCA.

This funding comes at a particularly busy time for USYCA, which has continued its critical work in American schools while simultaneously pushing forward with the creation and support of new youth programs and leagues. In addition, USYCA this year has set about the co-funding of construction costs for new youth pitches in the United States.

USYCA wants to assure its supporters in Toronto and Dubai that these funds will be translated directly into action at the grassroots level, putting bats and cricket balls in the hands of young people across America.

USYCA President Jamie Harrison said, “I have recently been critical of the ICC’s lack of interest in genuine American cricket development, and I must admit that this investment in the USA, this single act of vision and courage, though it may seem insignificant compared to the funding given others, has caused me to rethink my position, or to at least consider that the ICC is capable of growth. I want to personally thank the ICC for this gift and applaud its leadership for this noble statement of commitment to cricket in the United States. USYCA looks forward to participating in this new future of grassroots cooperation with the ICC.”

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