Tri-State Lynx vs Canada
By Orville Hall
The Tri-State Lynx Women’s Cricket team of New York is getting ready to take on a powerful Canadian Women’s team in a T20 tournament which will be played at the beautiful Gateway Park in Brooklyn over the Memorial-Day weekend.

USA player Triholder Marshall will be on display during the games. Photo by Shiek Mohamed

The games will be played on May 25 and 26. According to Tri-State Lynx Coach Linden Fraser, “the games were organized to assist the US players in their preparation for possible selection for the upcoming ICC Americas Regional Qualifying tournament in 2014.”

Several of the USA stars will be on display, including former US captain, Doris Francis, who led the National team in the ICC World Cup Qualifier in Bangladesh in 2011, and current captain, Candacy Atkins, who led an unbeaten USA team in the ICC Americas tournament in the Cayman Islands last year.

Other players expected to be playing in the tournament include: fast bowler Triholder Marshall, batsman Melissa Sandy and Monique Mathee. The Canadians will have their hands full, as the Tri-State Lynx have been unbeaten in both the T20 and 40-Over tournaments.

Along with Fraser, the other primary planners of the tournament are former US Regional Director, Clifford Hinds, Regional Representative, Krish Prasad and New York Women’s coordinator, Venelda Wallace.