Some of the youth players with their winning.

This has been received from USYCA Affiliate Member Missouri Youth Cricket Association:
Missouri Youth Cricket Association (MYCA) is pleased to announce the successful completion of National Youth Cricket Day 2013 Tournaments.

The events were organized to spread awareness about NYCD, and we were able to spread the message to entire cricket community in St. Louis/St. Charles region through promotion and tournaments.

MYCA partnered with STL Cricket League and conducted a Six-A-Side Cricket Tournament for Adults, where 19 teams participated. The details can be viewed at this link
Crusaders (Captain: Kamesh) won the finals against Vikings (Captain: Vivart). The tournament lasted 3 weeks and everyone participated with great enthusiasm and had lots of fun.

We also conducted a Double Wicket Tournament for U10 and U16 youth Category. The games were competitive and the young players put their best and enjoyed participating in these tournaments.

U10: Winners – Mehul and Sansh, Runners – Abhiru and Kausthubh U16: Winners – Ardhendu and Sparsh Runners – Arnav and Agam

MYCA has launched MYCA Cricket Academy, dedicated to step by step guide the young players towards learning cricketing skills. The teams are being formed at MYCA for the first tournament which is set to start on 20th April 2013.

Thanks to Jamie Harrison (USYCA) and Hemant Buch (USACA) for their guidance and encouragement in coordinating these events.

Thank you,
Priya Singh
Missouri Youth Cricket Association MYCA – President