Midwest Sports Productions has teamed up with Indiana Youth Cricket as a sponsor/partner to host interschool, youth and recreational cricket tournaments, IYCA announced today.

Jatin Patel and Kelly Dossey.

Midwest Sports Productions, a LLC based in Central Indiana, is owned and operated by Kelly Dossey and has been very active in the promotion of youth soccer. MSP conducts several 3v3 LIVE soccer tournaments nationwide including tournaments in Anchorage, Alaska. Midwest Sports Productions has also created a Cosmic 3v3 annual event that draws teams from more than five states. Dossey is also an active soccer referee, assignor and state level administrator, where he worked with IYCA’s Jatin Patel.

Dossey was first introduced to cricket while in Jamaica a few years ago on vacation. When approached about teaming up with Jatin Patel and Indiana Youth Cricket he thought it would be a great idea to help grow cricket development in America.

“Cricket is the world’s second most popular sport, and is rapidly growing in the USA,” said Dossey. “We are very fortunate to have the opportunity to help this game with its foundational work, which needs to be done here in Indiana.”

Midwest Sports Productions is teaming up with IYCA to host Interschool cricket games this year and interschool cricket tournaments in Indiana beginning in 2014. The new partnership is also looking forward to conducting youth and tennis ball tournaments in Indiana.

Patel said, “In my opinion cricket must follow many other sports in USA schools. With Midwest Sport Productions, we are assured that cricket will gets its needed popularity in the state by involving schools and communities through cricket tournaments.

“MSP has the advantage of experience in national youth-level soccer tournaments, and we are looking forward to developing cricket tournaments in the future,” said Patel.

MSP joins other IYCA sponsors such as The Cricket Spot and CricketMerchant.com.