ACF Milestone
The American Cricket Federation (ACF) Steering Committee announced this past weekend that it had reached its first milestone of 50 members, after “opening for membership business”only two weeks ago.

The ACF invited membership applications on March 19, and Mike Thomas, ACF acting Treasurer, commented,“Such early volume is heartening. Together with the broad geographic spread of applicants, it gives the first indication of the extent to which there is significant resonance with the ACF’s vision, goals and principles of governance.”

Following another one of its face-to-face meetings of its Advisory/Steering Committees, the ACF announced that the meeting held in Glendale Heights, Illinois on April 6, covered several strategic initiatives undertaken by the newly formed organization, and with regard to immediate deliverables to stakeholders within the coming months, these include a comprehensive insurance plan among other membership benefits.

Among its operational activities are initiatives involving youth, women, and non-leather ball cricket, with the focus on ACF providing operational, logistical and/or financial support. Also embraced was the codification and cross-fertilization of elements of the sport with regard to adopting best practices for coaching, umpiring, and scoring on a regional basis.

According to Avinash Gaje, an ACF Steering Committee member and chairman of the organization’s non-leather ball task force, “We have identified the significant synergies between youth, women’s cricket, and non-leather ball cricket. We see the growth of cricket in the US as being significantly accelerated through these three areas.”

The ACF is expected to make some significant announcements within the coming months regarding its accelerated approach to the growth and development of cricket in the US.

Here is the detail on how to become a member and have a direct say in the future of cricket development US.This is the first opportunity for US cricketers and cricket organizations to take charge of US Cricket through a truly representative body of all stakeholders and a Constitution rooted in transparency, integrity and inclusiveness.