USYCA is pleased to announce StarSportsUS, a full-service indoor cricket facility in northeast Pennsylvania, as its newest Associate member. At StarSportsUS, you’ll find not only top-flight indoor nets, but also a place to buy affordable cricket gear and year-round coaching from WICB-certified coaches Earl Daley and Malika Frank.

Owners Amar Kulkarni and Yogesh Dahale have released this statement of support for USYCA:

“Starsportsus strongly believes the real emergence of cricket as a sport in the United States of America is by promoting cricket in schools and through the youth of our nation. Youths hold the key to our future as does our educational system, hence a parallel approach to develop an ecosystem involving youth and the school system will provide the roots and respective channels to grow cricket within the USA.

“The ground work, channels and foundation has been laid down by USYCA and it has been persistently pursuing this goal for promotion of cricket through youth programs for past years, hence Starsportsus would be privileged to work with USYCA, a non profit organization, for the development and promotion of gentlemen’s sport through youths across this nation.”

USYCA President Jamie Harrison said, “A major problem for young people seeking to master our great game is a lack of adequate indoor facilities where critical training can take place. Facilities such as StarSportsUS, with experienced coaches such as Earl Daley and Malika Frank, will go a long way toward filling that need, and USYCA is excited to partner with them.”