EACA Election
Eastern American Cricket Association voted back in all five of the 2012, Rudy Persaud led Executives for the 2013 season. Four of the 5 executives were voted back unanimously while the 5th executive gained the majority votes needed to retain his post.

Rudy Persaud was re-elected as president of the Eastern American Cricket Association.

The votes were taken at the League’s 2013 Annual General Meeting which was held on Saturday, March 2nd at The Tic Tavern Restaurant & Bar in South Ozone Park, New York.

The executives who were voted in unanimously were; President – Rudy Persaud, Vice-President – Courtney LeGalle, Treasurer – Anubhav Chopra and Secretary – Danesh Deonarain. Assistant Secretary/Treasurer, Zam Juman, secured the majority votes needed keep the 2012 committee intact.

The executive leadership team gained much credit for being able to deliver a thoroughly completed financial report thanks mainly to the Treasurer, Anubhav Chopra’s outstanding work in implementing the critical checks and balances needed to facilitate the organization’s financial accountability. This is a complete turnaround from recent years when this was not the case.

Notable also was that the league completed its 2012 games without significant controversy marked by no protested games.

Addressing the attendees President, Rudy Persaud, congratulated Everest/ACS for winning the Division 1 Power40 competition, Victory CC for winning the Division 2 Power40 competition and Everest/ACS for winning the T20 Blitz competition.

Present at the meeting were thirteen teams which have indicated intention to take part in the 2013 season.  Atlantis CC, Big Apple CC, Enmore CC, Everest/ACS, Hillside SC, Liberty SC, Long Island United CC, Meten Meer Zorg CC, Richmond Hill CC, Falcons CC, Phantoms CC  & Arsenal CC are returning from 2012. Rebellious Cricket Club is the lone new addition to the league.