Orange County Cricket Association
The Orange County Cricket Association (OCCA) youth cricket program continues introducing cricket to new elementary schools in 2013 with a successful cricket demonstration at Gauer Elementary School in the City of Anaheim. Certified Level-2 cricket coach Priyanga De Siva join the volunteer team, strengthening the core of the team that gives an opportunity for a more structured approach to this program.

Kids at Gauer Elementary School in the city of Anaheim gets an introduction about cricket.

Two sessions of 45 minutes each was scheduled for students in grades 5 & 6. After a brief introduction to cricket and watching video of a professional match for five minutes on a big screen, students were eager to get out to play cricket. Students got the opportunity to enjoy a taste of cricket, which was well received.

Dr. Debbie J. Schroeder, principal of the school, is very enthusiastic about this program that opens an opportunity for group of students who may not participate in other sporting teams. She assured OCCA that she is interested in follow-up assistance to train the teachers and more detail training at regular PE sessions.

This event was conducted by Shantha Suraweera (President, OCCA, and Level-1 Coach) and Priyanga De Silva (Level-2 coach).

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