2013 BCL Elections
As stipulated by the Constitution of the Brooklyn Cricket League elections for an Executive body for the 2013 – 2014 term were held on January 27 at its 2013 Annual General Meeting.

John Wilson was re-elected president of the Brooklyn Cricket League. Photo by Shiek Mohamed

The incumbent President, John Wilson ran unopposed and was reelected; Bert Browne, Joseph Shortte and L. Gibson ran unopposed and were reelected Vice President, Assistant Secretary/Treasurer and Public Relations Officer respectively. Ms. Joyce-Harmon-Trotman, Treasurer, who acted in the position of Secretary since Mr. Patrick Sutherland relinquished the position late 2012, was duly elected to the position of Secretary.

Mr. Jacob Emmanuel was elected Treasurer.  For the positions of Three Trustees – there were four nominees – incumbents Mr. Bryon Mars and Mr. Albert Texeira, new nominees: Patrick Sutherland and Junaid Mirza, at the conclusion of the vote Bryon Mars, Albert Texeira and Patrick Sutherland were elected.

Mr. Cosmos Bailey, Mr. Lennox Johnston and Mr. Rawle Jackman were elected to the positions of Chaplin, Sargeant-at-Arms and Floor Representative respectively.

Congrats to the new Executive!!