As part of The United States of America Cricket Association (USACA) continued development past the initial one hundred day plan submitted in 2012, the Governance Review Committee has submitted a final review partner and start date.

The members of the committee include representatives of the ICC (Jon Long), the CEO for USA Rugby (Nigel Melville), representation from a league perspective (Kevin Hussain from the Connecticut Cricket League) and current USACA Treasurer, (John Thickett). The group was led by the Central West Region representative (Brian Walters).

ICC Head of Strategic Management and Support Services Mr Jon Long commented from Dubai;

“The USACA Board identified a review of its governance structures as a priority objective, so it is good to see the process unfolding in a structured and transparent manner.”

Responses to the global Request for Proposal (RFP) were received from a wide range of highly qualified potential partners who had worked on governance reviews for entities such as Cricket Ireland, Cricket Australia, and various other leading national sporting organizations.

After an extensive and measured process, the committee selected TSE Consulting to conduct the comprehensive review, and this process is due to be completed in spring 2013.

TSE Consulting will carry out the work that is involved in conducting the review. The product of this process will be a public report that will be available to the internal and external stakeholders of USACA, in order to assure a thorough, complete process.

“We envision that USACA will adopt best practices of leading cricket federations worldwide and high-performing sports governing bodies in the United States, enabling significant domestic development and new standards of international competitive success” said Dale Neuberger Director of client Services, TSE Consulting North America.

TSE Consulting will be charged with a fundamental review designed to re-focus national resources and incentives and infrastructure towards the development of the game at the grass roots level for American boys and girls as well as installing global best practices for developing internationally strong women’s and senior men’s cricket.

Nigel Melville said, “It has been a pleasure sharing with the panel the challenges that USA Rugby faced with their governance review process, a process that kick started us along the path to become America’s fastest growing team sport. Good luck to USACA as they begin the process of reviewing their governance structures.”

The key objective according to Brian Walters, the Central West Region Representative, is “…to present the sport of cricket as a viable alternative to the traditional American sporting options. We are especially passionate about growing the number of youth and women who participate in the sport on a regular basis.”

TSE Consulting will commence the review from mid-March.