On January 23, the Florida Cricket Academy, led by Director Wayne Ramnarine and coaches Paul Mowatt and Neville Dawkins, visited New Renaissance Middle School in Miramar, Florida.

Florida Cricket Academy Director, Wayne Ramnarine (right), demonstrate the way to hold a bat.

After a very brief classroom demonstration, they moved outdoors where the students, who were very receptive to the game, got their first opportunity to play cricket. There was a lot of energy due to to the children’s overwhelming enthusiasm during and after the FCA demonstration.

Afterwards, the school received USYCA American Cricket Champ sets so that they could continue playing.

This is just the beginning of FCA’s new outreach program, as they have one school booked for the each of the next three months.

“We’re very excited to be moving forward with this next phase of the FCA’s program,” said Ramnarine.

Congratulations to Wayne, Paul and Neville, and keep up the great work!