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Want to dominate any bowling attack? Want to rip through any batting order? Want to take that matching winning catch? Now you can with Cricketcoach’s brand new interactive smartphone apps.

Two illustrations of the Cricketcoach App.

Cricketcoach helps you learn how to play cricket, the apps are packed with cricket coaching tips that help you improve your cricketing skills and learn the game. Cricket coach has three apps (Batting/Bowling/Fielding and Wicket Keeping) which you can take anywhere to help improve your game. The apps give you everything you need, whether you’re a beginner wanting to learn how to play cricket, through to experienced cricketers wanting to improve your current game or coach others. Cricket coaching in the palm of your hand. Available on all Smartphone’s from the apps store.

The apps are a unique coaching aid, a revolutionary coaching experience, removing the boundaries associated with cricket and coaching, allowing everyone to have access to high quality professional coaching. In many countries around the world players struggle to access coaching let alone one to one coaching, our apps remove the boundary giving you the resources to become your own coach. The apps are fully interactive allowing the user to learn more about cricket and make improvements to their game. The apps are great for people of all ages to coach themselves, they also allow parents to get involved and coach their children.

Cricketcoach is packed with features including, Detailed coaching points teaching you how to play cricket, these points are easy to understand and help not only tell you what to do but how and why you should be doing it that way. The apps have HD videos that demonstrate the correct technique. Images where the shot is broken down at key stages and then analysed showing you the key areas you should be looking at and focusing on in each stage. The ability to compare your own technique compared to the technical model, challenges to track your progression, drills to help improve your technique, common faults you may be doing and how to correct them. The full range of all front and back foot shots, The apps are for everyone regardless of ability, talent, knowledge or experience. The apps have been written and designed in a way that a complete novice or an established 1st team cricketer will gain from the app. The apps are packed full of coaching points, pictures and drills which you would normally find in a comprehensive coaching manual.

Download now and get coaching… You be the coach
Apps are now available from all of the Apps stores, including iTunes, Android Google play and Blackberry App world

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  1. Keith Moon says:

    I have just downloaded the cricketcoach apps and they are GREAT.
    I have also put them onto my sons iPod , they will be a great aid to help him develop his cricket.
    Thanks guys