Tour Of Atlantic Region
The following players have been asked to attend New York Cricket Region screening session on Wednesday 12th September 2012, at Gateway Oval from 5pm. Session will be coordinated by Nigel Harper, NYCR Youth Coordinator, Ricky Kissoon, Linden Fraser, and Trevor John. New York Cricket Region will tour Atlanic Region on Saturday 15th September 2012. NYCR U-19 and U-15 will face their Altantic counterparts at Watessing Park in Bloomfield, NJ, where as the U-25 unit will do battle under light at Seacaucus.

Under 25:
1. Akeem Dodson, 2. Azurdeen Mohammed, 3. Trinson Carmichael, 4. Andre Kirton, 5. Nicholas Stanford, 6. Karan Ganesh, 7. Gregory Sewdial, 8. Dino Cho Wee Nam, 9. Rocky Kowchai, 10. Kaveshwar Bridgepaul, 11. Francis Mendonca, 12. Prashant Nair, 13. Keon Lake 14.Faisal Taj 15. Dwayne Hurley, 16. Jazeb Tariq, 17. Imran Mahzar, 18. Alex Amsterdam, 19. Abrar Zafar 20. Casper Davis Jr  21. Denroy George 22. Cameron Mirza 23. Ken Lake 24. Romeno Deane 25. Sumon Bari 26. Maurice Powell.

Under 19:
1 Amarnauth Persaud, 2 Randall Wilson, 3 Troy Mars, 4 Rafique Nazeer, 5 Travis Ross, 6 Zahib Tariq, 7 Ayaz Mohammed, 8 Az Cheema, 9 Bilal Khan, 10 Hayat Khan, 11 Saed Haider, 12 Tandveer Khan, 13 Clifford Hamilton, 14 Sajib Salam, 15 Hamza Rana, 16 MD Islam, 17 Ahsan Riaz, 18 Leon Mohabir, 19 Rohan Burrell, 20 Bjorn Brown, 21 Dhanraj Hansraj,  22 Brandon Boodoo, 23 Kamran Hussain Rana, 24 Sameet Khawaja, 25 Waqas Shah 26 Foisal Mohammed 27 Faisal Ahmed, 28 Syed Hussain, 29 Faraz Hassan, 30 Shujon, 31 Refat, 32 Zain Masood.

Under 15:
1 Nicholas Harripersad, 2 Michael Katwaroo, 3 Surrendra Singh, 4 Rahim Khan, 5 Keifer Phil, 6 Usman Ashraf, 7 Burhan Saeed, 8 Muhammad Shahzad, 9 Syed Abdullah, 10 Hussain Cheema, 11 Khushaud Hamza 12 Ryan Persaud, 13 Rana Hassan 14 Orette Irons, 15 Syed Ahmad, 16 Zain Awan,  17 Steven Chaitram, 18 Syed Ali 19 Javon Blackman, 21 Ryan Shangie, 22 Yousuf Shah, 23 Justin Deopaul 24 Elliot Bedessee 25 Shah Hussain.



  1. dkalli says:

    Thank you.I am never been a coach or will I ever pretend to be one.Just a simple question and who is acting like a Jackass?By the way Linden is the only coach that is qualified.And asshole why don’t you put your correct name,maybe that is your name.

  2. Run DMC says:

    You Mr. DKalli: You think because u played cricket for Guyana that you are the best coach. I am sure that all the names mentioned about are qualified coaches, but you will only continue to use your name to make yourself look like a jackass. Remember you are living in America, not Guyana my friend.

  3. Mr cricket says:

    It will be better if its on a friday Becausee most of the kids have school during the week and they have homework to do after it

  4. George says:

    DKalli, this is a screening NOT a coaching session. Why is it you like to criticize people and question their ability. You have always giving a negative comment. You as the president of a prestigious group FFGC and should desist from such. Also remember you was in the discipline committee of EACA and from my knowledge you are one of the most indiscipline player.

  5. Dkalli says:

    Can someone update the public as to are qualified coaches in that group? If so,can the provide proof?